Simulation Faculty Development Courses

We  offer  Faculty Development Programs on:

  1. FDP on Simulation-Based Medical Education (SBME)
  2. Workshop on  Procedural Skills Teaching
  3. FDP on Advanced Debriefing

FDP on Simulation-Based Medical Education (SBME)

SBME is now recognized worldwide as an effective way of imparting clinical skills, communication skills& crisis resource management skills. MCI has also recognized the importance of simulation and it is just a matter of time before it becomes compulsory in all medical educational institutions.

Teaching in SBME requires a different skill set which most clinical faculty is unfamiliar with. This workshop will fill this gap and will focus on making the clinical faculty comfortable with using simulation.

Topics Covered:

  • Principles of SBME
  • Making & Running of scenarios
  • Principles of Debriefing
  • Principles of Adult learning
  • Teamwork in Emergency medical situations
  • Crisis Resource Management

Eligible Group: All clinical Faculty who are engaged in teaching & interested to use simulation.

Course Fee: Rs.2000/-

Duration: 8 hours.

Workshop on Procedural Skills Teaching

Procedural skills are being increasingly formally taught on mannequins to medical and nursing students and interns during their training. Many of the faculty involved in imparting these skills are not trained in the teaching methodology. There is evidence to suggest that unless these skills are taught keeping sound educational principles in mind, it will not lead to effective learning.

This workshop is designed as a training of trainers program to fill this gap.

Topics Covered:

  • Educational principles underpinning procedural training
  • Teaching methodologies that can be used, especially to avoid cognitive overload
  • Hands-on training to teach these skills

Eligible Group: All clinical Faculty who are engaged in teaching Procedural Skills.

Course Fee: Rs.1000/-

Duration: 4 hours                                                                                                                                                                                               

FDP on Advanced Debriefing

Debriefing skills are absolutely necessary when teaching using simulation, especially for teaching teamwork and the effect of human factors during crisis resource management. Debriefing skills are not only useful in the simulation setting, but also in teaching and training in the clinical areas. Improper use of debriefing can do more harm than good to the trainees. Most faculties in medical colleges are not familiar with the concept of debriefing and the techniques of debrief.

This workshop aims to build on the concepts imparted during the FDP on simulation-based medical education course to teach more advanced skills for debrief, including managing difficult learners. It is designed as a video and simulation-based hands-on workshop to give maximum opportunity to faculty trainees to perfect their debriefing skills. Topics taught will include

  1. Educational theories underlying debriefing
  2. Structured Feedback versus debriefing
  3. Debriefing types and concepts
  4. Anatomy of a debrief
  5. Strategies for successful debrief
  6. Debriefing in difficult situations

Eligible Group: All clinical Faculty who have attended the SBME workshop

Course Fee: Rs.5000/-

Duration: 8 hours

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