Outreach Activities

We are regularly conducting community outreach Programs  targeting  Educational institutions  like schools, Nursing Homes, Old age Homes, NGOs, Traffic police, self-help groups etc.

Programs Offered:

  1. First aid awareness  program
  2. CPR awareness program
  3. Non AHA  BLS program

1: First aid awareness  program:

Topics  Covered:

  1. Importance of First aid in emergencies.
  2. Techniques to control/arrest Bleeding
  3. Care of Sprains and Fractures
  4. First aid for Seizues
  5. First aid for Sun stroke
  6. First aid for Bee stings, insect bites and snake bites
  7. Techniques to relieve choking
  8. First aid for injuries , Burns, Electric shock

Training methodology:

  • Demo
  • Instructor led Hands on
  • Duration: 3 hours

2:  CPR Awareness Program:

Topics  Covered:

  1. Recognition of cardiac Arrest
  2. Activation of the Emergency Response System
  3. Delivering high quality chest compressions
  4. Deliver effective ventilation using Mouth to Mouth, Mouth to mask techniques.

Training Methodology:

  • Demo
  • Instructor led Hands on
  • Program duration: 3 hours

3: Non AHA BLS(Only for Health professionals)

Refer to Non AHA BLs from Life support Training For details.

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